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1,000 People Began to Build Their Wealth at the Community Black Wealth Building Day in Compton, California, including; but not limited to, Children, and other Future Home Owners.  By Lyric Armstrong
On Saturday, June 2, 2018, I was proud to co-facilitate the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB) in conjunction with Consolidated Board of REALTIST© of Southern California, Inc. (Consolidated) and its local affiliate of Young REALTIST© Division, Los Angeles Chapter (YRDLA) continued to honor their commitment to the African American communities of Southern California.  Specifically, wealth building began for 1,000 attendees of the NAREB/Consolidated/YRDLA Community Black Wealth Building Day hosted at the Greater Zion Church where Dr. Michael J. Fisher is pastor.
Full disclosure:  I am a proud member; and, identify as a REALTIST©.  Consequently, I am working OVERTIME to contain my jubilance of the said event in order to report the FACTS.  However, I hope that with the simple facts, you find an elevating pride of your own to which you become elated as a member of the community; and thus, find yourself building your wealth today, as the “TIME TO BUY IS NOW”1 .
The impact of the victorious event is still being calculated.  However, note that for FREE:  1,000 people attended; and, 200 people received credit reports as well as; along with all attendees, credit counseling.  Further, over 40 people commenced their wealth building via onsite pre-qualification.
The Opening Ceremony of the said event included a morning prayer from Bishop Craig A. Worsham, NAREB’s National Director of Faith Based & Community Partnerships, Courtney Johnson Rose, NAREB’s 3rd Vice President/Community Day Chair, Frances M. Young, Consolidated President, Nick Gouche’, YRDLA President; and, Ashley Thomas, III, YRDLA’s Vice President.
NAREB/Consolidated may not be a familiar name prior to today; however, do not let that continue.   Historically, NAREB was founded in 1947, Consolidated founded in 1949, both as an equal opportunity and civil rights advocacy organization for African American real estate professionals, consumers, and communities in America. “NAREB is composed principally of African Americans, known as the REALTIST© organization, which embraces all qualified real estate practitioners who are committed to achieving NAREB’s vision of ‘Democracy in Housing’ [evident by] economic improvement of NAREB’s members, the community at large, and the minority community which it serves.”2.
Furthermore, NAREB has been influential in the implementation of equal rights, fair housing, equal opportunity, and community development legislation at the local, state, and federal levels since its conception.3. Namely, NAREB contributed and influenced:  the first local fair housing legislation in 1962 in New York City, the first state fair housing legislation in 1963 in California, and the first national fair housing legislation in both 1947 and 1968.
At the Community Black Wealth Building Day hosted in Los Angeles on June 2, 2018, NAREB/Consolidated/YRDLA and their partners provided music, food, financial education, and wealth building for free to the community.
The dedicated kid zone at the said event provided games, prizes, food and wealth building education for the young children as young as 2 years old.  One may mistakenly be alarmed by the young minds learning pertinent information of wealth through real estate.  However, everyone, young and old, needs proper education on all aspects of life; and, repetition of the same shall imbed in a young mind is a priceless value.  Consequently, the NAREB/Consolidated/YRDLA organizations organized many presenters including Lisa Puerto, supporter of non-profit Real Estate 100 Youth Foundation, Inc. to spark, cultivate and educate regarding wealth in real estate through a commitment to repetition of the same over an extension of time.
Through the tutelage of the following presenters:
Brilliant Credit
Lisa Puerto
Ian Thompson, Moderator of Presentations of Jason Lowery, La Toya Watson, Shawneequa Badger, Rod Watson and Kenya Reeves-Costa
Bishop Craig Worsham
Nick Gouche’, Moderator of Presentations of New American Funding, Skyline Home Loans and Citibank
Christie Thomas, Moderator of Presentations of Sunny Jones, Daria Stakely and Nekaya Carter; and,
Tristan Ahumanda
960 of the attendees collectively and individually gleaned steps to take towards building their wealth.  Whereas, all 1,000 attendees were afforded education regarding various aspects of purchasing a home and/or investment property including; but not limited to, individual 1 on 1 counseling by roughly 22 various vendors including myself via Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties, NID Housing Counseling Agency, CitiBank, Bank of America, The New American Funding, Union Bank, Bank of the West, BBVA Compass, Coldwell Banker and so many more.
Some of the educational sessions included the following topics:
First Time Homebuyers
Down Payment Assistance Programs
Mortgage Counseling
Credit Counseling
Foreclosure Prevention
Classes and resources for faith leaders
Real Estate Practitioner Professional Development
The commitment of Consolidated is ever fervent.  Specifically, Consolidated in collaboration with West Angeles CDC shall extend the homeownership education on June 23, 2018 with Keynote Speaker, Congresswoman Maxine Waters at the 3725 Don Felipe Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90008 location from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Moreover, I am compelled to motivate you to maintain awareness and support of NAREB, Consolidated and YRDLA.  Noted support shall further strengthen the prominence of NAREB/Consolidated/YRDLA’s advocacy for fair housing policies.
Let me know if you are a First Time Homebuyer or in need of the education of wealth building through real estate.  I am here for you as an advocate and licensed professional.
Keep Your American Dream in Good Hands(TM) with Lyric Armstrong
1. Motivational Speech and Advertisement of Young REALTIST© Division, Los Angeles Chapter President Nick Gouche’ (KJLH Broadcast, 2018).
2. and 3. NAREB History (


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