The weekly Inglewood City Council Meeting was convened as scheduled on Tuesday.  After the normal City Council meeting opening process, Mayor James T. Butts, Jr. announced the presentation of a video acknowledging City Treasurer Wanda M. Brown’s 31 years of exemplary service to the City of Inglewood. Treasurer Brown’s congratulatory celebration is today’s headline story in INGLEWOOD TODAY.

Returning to city business, a public hearing was conducted to consider adoption of a Resolution of Necessity to acquire real property for the Century Boulevard Roadway Improvements Project. And to consider adoption of a Resolution of Necessity to acquire real property for the Century Boulevard Roadway Improvements Project.

After some public comment, including an attorney expressing his objections related to his retail client’s concern about customers’ access to the property under the proposed improvement.  Others expressed concern that the city was taking action that negatively affected Inglewood businesses and residences to accommodate the construction of the new football stadium and entertainment complex.

Mayor Butts explained that the Century Boulevard road improvement project, designed and approved years before the notion of a new sports complex in Inglewood, was intended to provide improved handicapped access, address the safety of pedestrians and vehicle traffic, and improve the general appearance of Century Boulevard, a major access point for Los Angeles residents travelling to Los Angeles International Airport. The resolution was adopted.

The Council approved the City Attorney’s letters recommending the denial of a number of property damage, personal injury and property damage claims against the City of Inglewood. INGLEWOOD TODAY later spoke with the city’s claims administrator who explained that the denial letter is not a denial of liability.  It starts the statute process where individuals have a specified amount of time to arbitrate, litigate or abandon the claim.

The council adopted a resolution amending the fiscal year 2017-2018 budget to transfer funds, in the amount of $15,000, to the City Attorney’s Office Equipment/Furniture account to expend for conference room equipment and furniture upgrades. They approved and authorized the execution of a Billboard Lease Agreement with 111 La Brea Plaza LLC; the approval to purchase computer equipment form Dell Computer L.P.; the approval to purchase computer equipment form Dell Computer L.P.: and, approved a one-year agreement (with an option to renew annually up to two (2) years) with Tender Loving Care Catering to provide meals onsite foe the Senior Nutrition Program.

The council adopted a resolution offering a reward to any individual(s) that provides information leading to the identification, apprehension, and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the death of David Rivera; an agreement with Enterprise Security, Inc. to install additional access control card readers in areas located within the Police Department; and, approved a purchase agreement with Sully-Miller Contracting Co., and the County of Los Angeles for the purchase of asphalt. (Sanitation and Gas Tax Funds)

The council cancelled a Reimbursement Agreement with Hollywood Park Card Club Investors, LLC, to pay the City of Inglewood for the casino, sign and left turn lane work performed at Century Boulevard at Doty Street in the amount of $8,287.77 and approved an Agreement with Nationwide Environmental Services Division of Joe’s Sweeping, Inc., renewing the term by an additional three (3) years an increasing the total compensation by an additional $1,657,920.

Additional measures were approved by the without discussion.  The meeting was adjourned with individual and congratulatory remarks from the mayor and individual council members, directed to Treasurer Brown.


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