Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen, at the corner of Manchester Boulevard and La Brea, has probably made history with the number of delicious soul food meals it has provided since its inception many years ago. Last week Dulan’s became a part of Los Angeles football history!

Dulan’s was hired to cater the Topping Out Celebration for just under 3,000 people at the new Los Angeles Football Stadium that will be the future home of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. Catering one of the largest events the celebrated restaurant chain has ever been engaged to present, they fed over 2,000 construction workers; representatives from the Rams and Chargers; Government Officials and the National Press, as they gathered to sign the last support beam to be installed in the Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, also referred to as City of Champions Stadium.

The purpose of the event was to reward the construction workers for a job well done with a delicious home cooked meal provided by Dulan’s Soul Food. Because the workers were on their lunch break, Dulan’s was given 90 minutes to serve the first 2,300 (day shift) workers with the afternoon shift workers being seated at 5:00PM that evening.

“To meet that challenge,” Gregory Dulan said, “I was very proud to be able to hire more than 75 young people from the community. We gave them server and hospitality training and when the first 1500 hungry construction workers charged them all at once; they kicked butt! They exceeded my expectations and the client was extremely happy!”

To see what it takes to serve over 2,000 people, here is what was on the menu:  3400 pieces of fried chicken (fried on site), 1,000 barbecue chicken quarters, 950 pounds of potato salad (made from scratch), 22 cases of barbecue baked beans, 3000 pieces of cornbread (made from scratch), 6000 cookies baked at Dulan’s on Crenshaw, 3000 sodas, 2000 bottles of water, and a variety of condiments. The food was served on time at the proper temperatures.



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