Garnier’s Skincare Ingredient List Is Now Fully Transparent


Beauty ingredient lists have been under scrutiny for what feels like almost a decade now, due to increased concern and awareness of elements that some believe are potentially harmful. Combine that with just a general increased desire to know more about what’s in products, especially when it comes to skincare, and you’ve got a consumer today that is probably the most curious that’s ever existed. But unless you have a chemistry degree, trying to decipher some of them requires serious research, especially since many of the names are in their INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) form which is the mandated system that includes scientific, Latin and English words.

That’s why transparency is one of the buzziest concepts driving brands these days, with many indies offering up as much information as possible. Now Garnier is following their lead with their SkinActive line. Launched in Canada last week, the 10 products, which range from 96%-99% natural, include ingredient lists that highlight the source of each naturally-derived one and identify the synthetic ones that make up the rest. So next to glycerin, you’ll see that it’s sourced from soy and propanediol is made from corn, whereas linalool and fragrance are part of the remaining 4% of the formula.

“We just thought ‘Let’s look at the formula and take out the ingredients that are not natural and let’s create formulas with plant-based ingredients without sacrificing the efficacy or the enjoyment on the consumer’s part’,” says Sabrina Pallotta, marketing manager, who said the move was motivated by the brand noticing a shift, receiving an increased amount of questions regarding ingredients. “So when we were conceptualizing what the packaging would look like, we said ‘Well why not explain it? Why not just say what it is?’ There was nothing holding us back from opening up that discussion and teaching in a way though the packaging.” This is just the start of a change, with BB Creams that will be 96% natural launching next month. And as one of the first mass brands to embrace transparency, it’s obviously a move that the big beauty giants can no longer ignore. Expect more to come.

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