Coming to Inglewood in December

Inglewood Residents who live and work near the intersection of Grevillea and Arbor Vitae have noticed the erection of a two-story high canvas barrier on the corner lot, that used to provide free parking for Inglewood residents, guests and visitors.

INGLEWOOD TODAY spoke with City of Inglewood Project Engineer, Thomas Lee, to learn more about the mysterious construction project. “The Inglewood New Well No. 7 Project is a ground water production well that will produce 1,500 gallons of water per minute when construction is complete and the well is in operation,” Lee said.

The project is being financed under 2015 Proposition 84 Integrated Regional Water Management Implementation Grant and Inglewood Water Fund and it is being administered by the California State Department of Water Resources and the City of Inglewood.  Construction began in September 2017 and its estimated completion date is December 8, 2018.

“When the well is in operation, “ Lee explained, “there will be no negative environmental impact on Inglewood residents who live near the well, and no noise because the well and the pump will be installed 700 and 400 feet underground.”

Finally, he added, “the last phase of the project will include landscaping the area to provide a pleasant appearance.”


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