Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Come to Order, Approved!  Baldwin Hills Mall Approved for an Upgrade!

I hope you didn’t blink.  On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 the Los Angeles City Council overrode objections with 7 appeals; and APPROVED the plan to overhaul Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza inclusive of expanded shopping center and addition of 900 new apartments.

The sudden closure of Walmart, as well as, the announced commitments and development projects of nearby cities; such as Inglewood, fueled the LA City Council with the task of solidifying the Baldwin Hills Mall landmark.  Thus, in the spirit of live, work and play within walking distance, residents shall enjoy the new and improved 900 units of housing, 10-story office building, a new hotel and a walkable “retail village” mimicking the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade.

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza redevelopment sparks protests from community
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Consequently, surrounding homeowners shall be able to count the increase in home value and cost of living; which in turn, alarms the Black Community Clergy and Labor Alliance, the Los Angeles Tenants Union and the Los Angeles Black Worker Center regarding the potential displacement of current renters and/or residents of the area.

Fear not and blink no more.   This news should further ignite every potential buyer looking at the subject area(s) to ACT NOW AND BUY.   Also, this news should ring bells for current homeowners to BUY, BUY, BUY income property.  Income property is the counterpunch to inflation and gentrification.

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