INGLEWOOD, Calif., June 1, 2018 – Children of Promise Schools and Inglewood’s Mayor Butts kicks-off its annual performing arts live music with a friend-raiser gala benefitting the arts at the historic Miracle Theater, today.

While the students prepared for their debut of A Salute to Broadway, Legends and More live musical, the founder of Children of Promise Schools, Dr. Carleton Lincoln welcomed the City of Inglewood Mayor, James T. Butts, Inglewood City Councilman-District 1 George Dotson, the City of Inglewood Commission, Erick Holly, board members and current and potential partners to the friend-raiser reception gala. The friend-raiser served as the opening ceremony to the evening’s main event, as Dr. Lincoln and his team raised awareness about the school, it’s academic achievements and the various programs that benefit the students.

“I am very proud of our schools and the students we serve. We strive to offer programs to our students that allows them to excel academically or nurture natural talent and skills with free to limited additional cost to the parents. We are afforded this option because of our valuable partners, donors and supporters who have made the commitment to invest in our students and their future. It takes a village, and we are building our village one supporter at time, said Dr. Carleton Lincoln, founder and chief executive officer of Children of Promise Schools.”

The friend-raiser gala continued to highlight and celebrate the student’s academic successes, their victorious chess team and the student’s innate creativity. Dr. Lincoln also utilized the platform to express appreciation to the partners and donors that continue to believe and supports the mission of Children of Promise schools.

The evening culminated with a show-stopping performance by the students of Children of Promise Institute for Performing Arts as they took the audience down a musical memory lane with their live musical performance, A Salute to Broadway, Legends and More. The students displayed their creativity and talents and garnered a standing ovation by the audience; reminding the patrons the reason why we continue to invest in our students and their future.

About Children of Promise Schools

Established by Dr. Carleton Lincoln in 2004, Children of Promise Schools: Children of Promise Child Development Center (infant to pre-kindergarten), Children of Promise Preparatory Academy (Kindergarten to fifth), and Children of Promise Legacy Institute (sixth to eighth grade) are charter schools based in Inglewood, Calif.  Children of Promise Schools offers a unique curriculum and several academic, social, and performing arts programs as we aim to develop the entire child.  Children of Promise Schools were founded to help address many of the problems we are seeing facing our urban youth. With a quality education, many children excel and succeed despite the difficulties they face in their community. At Children of Promise Schools, the mission is to develop the whole child by integrating character-based curriculum with a rigorous academic environment where teacher challenge their students to surpass the basic standards.

About Children of Promise Institute for Performing Arts

Children of Promise Institute of Performing Arts seeks to introduce children to the performing arts, assist with the discovery of any natural talents and prepare students with strong personal interests in the arts to successfully pursue entry into an institute of higher learning and/or career in the performing arts. This will be accomplished by channeling their unique skills and talents through an integrated arts program which focuses on a whole-person developmental approach to learning in unity with high artistic standards.

            For more information on Children of Promise Schools and recent press releases visit the World Wide Web at http:/ Contact: Yvonne Jonas, publicist at tel: 323.839.4740.


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