Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts, Inglewood Police (IPD) Chief Mark Fronterotta, and Paul D. Delacourt, Assistant Director in Charge of the Los Angeles Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), conducted a press conference yesterday in the Inglewood City Council chambers to announce that as a result of a two-year investigation, within the last 24 hours, 11 arrests of members of the 92 Osage Legend Crips (OLC) gang have been arrested on federal narcotics-trafficking and firearms charges contained in a grand jury indictment that outlines how the defendants obtained cocaine, used a purported convenience store to convert the cocaine into crack cocaine and distributed the drugs on the streets of Inglewood and South Los Angeles.

The indictment targets the leadership and key members of the OLC, a violent street gang that allegedly manufactured and distributed crack cocaine from the Stop and Shop Market at 1041 S. Prairie. After cooking and packaging the crack at the Stop and Shop, members of the drug-trafficking conspiracy allegedly delivered drugs to customers at various locations, including the U.S. Vets office and the Social Security office in Inglewood.

“Various defendants charged in this case, some with previous felony convictions, allegedly possessed firearms in relation to their drug trafficking activities,” Director Delacourt explained. The street gang members and their associates “used violence and intimidation, including firearms, to maintain and expand their drug-dealing territory, to protect themselves, their drugs, and their drug proceeds from rival gangs and drug-dealing organizations, and to collect payment from drug customers,” according to the indictment.

In addition to the arrests, the task force seized 16 firearms including an assault style rifle and over 100 rounds of ammunition.  Four additional fugitives have also been identified and are actively being sought by the IPD and the FBI.

Unrelated to the aforementioned drug bust, Mayor Butts announced to the credentialed press in attendance that while the City of Inglewood has had a very difficult week, he is proud of the good news that the police chief has to report.

Chief Fronterotta announced the arrest and indictment of Daniel Martinez on charges of murder and three counts of attempted murder and possession of an illegal assault weapon. This filing is for crimes committed on Monday, August 20 at 946 W. Beach and on August 23rd at Hyde Park and West Blvd., in the City of Inglewood.

In closing the press briefing and in response to a question from a channel 4 news reporter, Mayor Butts said that the arrest of 11 leadership and key members of the 92 Osage Legend Crips will have a crippling affect on that gang and will send a very clear message to any additional gang members operating in the City of Inglewood.


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