For anyone who is curious about what the Inglewood Mayor and City Council have been doing, please read Mayor Butts’ summary below.


My seven years of making historic concert venue and professional sports deals have given me the experience to take Inglewood to the next level. We opened our TEEN CENTER in 2013, in conjunction with the South Bay Workforce Investment Board in 2014. We opened the largest Senior Center (35,000 square feet) in California at a cost of $23 million in January of 2018 for long-suffering seniors who had been promised a center since 2006.

The LA Philharmonic will relocate from downtown Los Angeles and open its Youth Orchestra Program (YOLA) in Inglewood on the Civic site (in a building designed by Frank Gehry) in 2019. The Girls Scouts of the United States will move their regional headquarters from Marina Del Rey to Inglewood in 2019 as well.

Rams-Chargers will play here in 2020. The NFL Network is leaving CULVER CITY for INGLEWOOD in 2020; Superbowl LVI (54) will be played in Inglewood in 2022; the NCAA College Bowl Championship will be played in Inglewood in 2023. The Clippers arena will open in 2024. We are negotiating for a FIFA World Cup in 2025 and the Olympic World Games opening ceremonies will be in Inglewood in 2028.

We are negotiating with Verizon to make Inglewood the first 5G Cellular Network location in Southern California. That deal will allow us to bridge the digital divide and provide access to residents and children that, before now, were priced out of broadband access to the internet.

Regarding crime statistics, during my tenure, Inglewood has accomplished its 7th consecutive year of the lowest crime rates on record and crime here has fallen over 70% from its peak in the 1980’s. All the while, paving more linear miles of residential roadway and linear feet of sidewalk in the past 3 years than the prior 15 years combined. Florence and Manchester have been repaved and new tree median installed. Century Blvd is finally being done and Imperial Hwy will be done in 2019.

The NFL stadium deal will provide between $18 million initially to $42 million within five years of opening to the General Fund for Inglewood; which funds Police, Fire, and Parks and Recreation services, among other services for residents. Property values have risen over 137% since 2012. Since their home is most residents’ largest investment, this provides generational wealth for their children.

The City has received four bond rating upgrades in 3 years which has allowed us to refinance outstanding bond debt I inherited at an interest rate that saves us over $1 million a year in debt service payments. We received a grant from LAWA recently to upgrade our ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) which allows us to view traffic at major thoroughfares and to program traffic signal synchronization to optimize traffic flow.

The Ballmer Group (Clippers) through Vision to Learn last year (2017) provided Eye Glasses for every IUSD student who needed them, free of charge. The Los Angeles Rams have remodeled two playgrounds for IUSD elementary schools (Woodworth and Kelso). I could go on and on, but I think I have given you some insight. We have accomplished more in the seven years of my tenure as mayor than the prior 100 years combined. When you consider that this City when I took office was less than one year from cash flow bankruptcy, you can appreciate the magnitude of the turnaround.

Every one of these accomplishments are verifiable.



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