Francis Taylor, Asst. Editor

During the often-heated testimony of Trumps personal attorney and ‘fixer,’ Rep. Mark Meadows, a republican from North Carolina, brought an African American staffer,  Lynne Patton, a regional administrator in the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to counter Michael Cohen’s assertion that trump is a racist, during the House Oversight Committee hearing.

The damning testimony, comes as a petition circles in Congress to impeach Donald Trump. Will Cohen’s words add fuel to the fire and lead to a collapse in the presidency?

The truth is… probably not, given the assertions brought by republican committee members who appeared disinterested in Cohen’s apologetic testimony and their failure to review or even acknowledge the supportive documents that bolstered his testimony. While explosive, Cohen’s testimony merely confirms what many already suspected. The rap-sheet of accusations is long: tax fraud, racism, cover-ups, and collusion. But Cohen’s testimony will do little damage to Trump’s loyal base.

As for impeachment, it would require a large number of Republicans to turn on their president. Those hoping for the impeachment of Donald Trump or the implosion of his presidency will likely be disappointed.

In defending his testimony, Cohen warned those who continue to provide cover and concealment for Trump, may eventually find themselves in the same position in which he finds himself if they lie…on his way to prison.




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