There’s a foot of snow on the ground outside, more falling, and a big couple of fronts converging overhead. So nothing is getting launched today. Which is good, because I’m not ready. But I am getting close.

This little space program which has been newly re-dubbed KOSMOS after the peachy keen ebook that Darksyde and I wrote (In 2006! Can it really have been that long ago?) was introduced over the holidays, and updated last week. This week’s installment brings us that much closer to the real deal, which will happen as soon as get my hands on a helium tank and the ground stops being covered in snow. Or mud. So … sometime between now and, say, August. Within the next two weeks is the target.

On the messy workbench pictured above, is almost everything going into the KOSMOS 1. Which you can see in a bit neater version below.


Drop below the line, and we’ll hit this thing in detail.

Source: World


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