The Inglewood City Council did not conduct a weekly public meeting on Tuesday however, Mayor James T. Butts ordered a special meeting of the City Council on Monday, August 27,  2018, to review a recommendation by the Parking and Enterprise Department, authorizing the City Attorney to draft and finalize an 11-month agreement with Professional Account Management, LLC (PAM)) (a Duncan Solution Company), to provide parking citations processing and collection services on behalf of the City.

The City of Inglewood and the Inglewood Citation Management Services Program (ICMS) has used PAM for processing parking citations and collections since 2007. The purpose of having a parking program for the city is to ensure that the limited parking resources within the city are lawfully and properly used.  The program also focuses on making sure that the Inglewood Municipal Code (IMC); Motor Vehicles and Traffic/Parking Regulations) and the California Vehicle Code are followed and enforced.

Following the negotiations with PAM, the 11-month agreement terms are as follows:

Duncan will be responsible for an annualized guaranteed payment to the City in the amount of $385,500 to be paid in monthly installments.

Conditioned upon the County of Sacramento signing a contract extension (through at least December 31, 2019, the non-refundable credit  shall increase from $385,000 to $475,000. This increase shall go into effect as of the effective date of the contract extension with the County of Sacrament.

The City will  retain its current 90 percent discount for citation processing services, which will remain in effect regardless of issuance volume fluctuation.

On the effective date of execution, the agreements will be extended for eleven months.

The agreements will not include termination for convenience, but will include a mutual provision allowing termination for cause upon 30 days advance, written notice, subject to an uncured material breach.

Effective June, 1, 2018, the City will receive a monthly credit equal to 18.5 percent of the processing and collections revenue for all new cities or entities obtained under ICMS umbrella.  This percentage only applies to new business obtained and added to the ICMS consortium and the credit does not apply to current clients or renewals of existing clients, such as the County of Sacramento.

The current agreement with PAM expired on April 17, 2018, prior to both parties mutually agreeing upon the proposed new terms.  The new proposed agreement  will expired on July 31, 2019. The City will retain its rights to early termination if it chooses to terminate citation process and collection services for any reason.


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