One of the most powerful tools the corporate special interest movement has is their framing of the economy. What this means is that corporate special interests have developed a story about the economy that they share through all of their propaganda outlets, and many people have bought into this story.

We’re all familiar with this story. It looks like capitalists (good) vs. socialists (bad). Some of the features of this story include:

  • We need to let markets “work”
  • Success is defined by individual achievement
  • Regulations “hold back” the economy
  • The private sector is better at everything
  • Government should stay out of the way

You know the story.

What we will examine today is how to avoid some of the traps that this story sets, and how to tell a better story about our economy.

The reason to do this is because one of the best ways to win is to have a better story about how something works. We don’t struggle critiquing the problems of laissez-faire capitalism. However, when it comes to talking about what would be better, all too often we fall into the traps of corporate special interest group propaganda.

The better story is about democracy and capitalism.

Source: World


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