If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve seen some memorable sunsets. And despite the fact that you know you don’t need another sunset photo filling up your camera roll, you’ve inevitably snapped a few shots—and likely uploaded them to Instagram. This was exactly our thought process when capturing the photo above, coincidentally taken just last night from atop Mama Shelter. It turns out, we’re not the only sunset-snap-happy Californians.

In an analysis of Instagram photos taken over the last 12 months, California tops the list of states with the most images of sunsets (California also took that honor globally). And among the state’s 5.8 million sunset posts, 283,927 photos came from Los Angeles, the most of any California cities.

While the survey from SpaSeekers offers little information about its methodology—is this based on location tags? hashtags? image recognition?—we’d say that California’s place atop any Instagram-and-sunset–related list comes as no surprise. Consider California’s sunsets over the ocean, ample sunshine days, year-round pleasant weather and nation-topping population and tourism numbers, and the fact that the state and its most populous city would top this list is a no-brainer (if anything, we’re shocked at how low those numbers are for L.A.).

Fill your feed with some of our picks for the most-Instagrammable things in L.A., and check out the full list of states and number of sunset posts below:

California: 5,798,425

Florida: 2,361,701

New York: 1,966,280

Hawaii: 1,060,936

Texas: 653,837

Washington: 567,466

Arizona: 502,355

Massachusetts: 453,073

Colorado: 431,861

Illinois: 361,014 

Source: Lifestyle


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