I’ve loved Miista, a quirky UK shoe brand, since 2015, when I first discovered their deliciously chunky heels. Miista offers my platonic ideal of a pump; a vaguely granny-ish silhouette my editor once referred to as ‘flight attendant shoes’ with a snubbed toe resting on a squat heel and plenty of upper foot coverage to combat the creeping menace of toe cleavage. Miista’s footwear lands somewhere between chic and cute on the shoe spectrum – Maryam Nasser Zadeh meets Miu Miu, if you will, but well within the realm of affordability. (Most their shoes hover around the $200 mark.)

And yet, my love for these perfect shoes has remained inside my heart rather than on my feet because I haven’t been able to find them in Canada – I’ve seen a couple errant pairs hanging out on the clearance racks at Winners but the selection is never quite the candy-coloured cornucopia of chunky heels that I lust over on their website.

That is, until now. On May 10th, Miista is holding their first-ever sample sale in Toronto and I’ve already started flexing my debit-tapping wrist in preparation. The location of the sample sale hasn’t been disclosed yet – you have to sign up for the brand’s newsletter mailing list to find out, but additional e-mails seem like a small price to pay for access to some of the most beautiful shoes you’ve ever seen in our life on sale for between $50-$140. The sale isn’t just for sample sized either – both the sizable and the dainty-footed will be accommodated, with sizes ranging from 35 to 41. I’m hoping there’s a healthy selection of size 38s, myself.

Start prepping your wish list with this gallery of current Miista offerings and get your wallets – and your sample sale elbows – ready.

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