An honest question: When was the last time you heard diddly-squat about the national debt? It was probably back when Obama was president, because you certainly didn’t hear anything about it when Republicans were shoving $1.5 trillion worth of tax cuts to corporations and the very rich. That blew a considerable and immediate hole in the next decade’s worth of budgets, but nobody cared, because we were assured magic would happen that would turn the U.S. into a vibrant, cash-rich utopia.

We didn’t get a utopia. Instead we got the former head of Starbucks announcing his own run for the presidency.

Anyhoo, the national debt is back in the news today because it just rolled over to a new record number: $22 trillion. That’s over $2 trillion added since Trump’s inaugural parade. That seems like a lot!

Donald Trump, however, is unconcerned. Which is odd, because back when Barack Obama was president, Donald was extremely animated about the dangers of the thing no Republican now gives a flying damn about.


He really does lie about everything, eh?

Source: World


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